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The ECSTATIC SOUL JOURNEY - an alchemic Transformation through Breath Dance and Tantra -


I am delighted to invite you to my very first big creation! A unique experience, happening on the island of Ibiza that will take you into a journey through your being with fun and pleasure, a unique holiday- retreat that will shake your Mind and expand your Heart, allowing you to touch a Bliss of Existence...
The Ecstatic Soul Journey : an alchemic transformation through Breath, Dance, Meditation and Tantra.

It is one week experience of fun and depth, aliveness, exploration and growth that will happen on the island of Ibiza in Spring- Summer 2022.

28th of May - 3rd of June

It is not just a holiday Retreat, but a space to explore a blend of techniques to expand and amplify your aliveness, your pleasure, your self-awareness and your own GLOW !
We will Breath, Move, Dance and Be Still in presence, to explore inward and outward the pure Essence that we are and the Beauty of Existence.

A sparkle of what we'll do:

- Breathing sessions to release old emotions, unconsciously trapped in our body. These trapped emotions are blocking our life energy from moving and expanding through the body and are preventing us to feel and to be authentic with ourselves and others.
- Connect with our primary Life energy force, that is rooted in our Sex centre, and expand it upward.
- Conscious Movements, Ecstatic Dance, Shake & Dance as Meditation
- Active Meditations, Guided Meditations.
- Tantric Meditations.
- Exploring and setting up healthy boundaries.
- Ceremonies and Excursions in special spots and beaches of Ibiza.

WELCOME to The ECSTATIC SOUL JOURNEY, an Alchemic Transformation.
- SUPER Early Birds : 899€ -   (ends 20.02.2022)
- EARLY Birds : 999€ ( ends 4.04.22 for May retreat)  - (& ends on the 1-08-22 for the September retreat).
- Full price: 1079€

Price includes:
- Daily sessions: Pulsation Breathwork, Conscious dance/ EcstaticDance, Meditations, Tantra meditations practice.
- Excursions and ceremonies on unique spots on the island of Ibiza.
- Accommodation in double room with shared bathroom.
- Two healthy made-with-love Vegetarian daily meals ( Breakfast/ Brunch & Lunch/ Dinner )
- Sailing boat trip to Formentera island or to Es Vedra - depending on wind - stopping meanwhile in some of the most beautiful crystaline bays and beaches.

Price does not include:

- Flights to Ibiza
- Transport from and to the airport ( Taxi can be arranged on request - one way about 38-40€).
- It is suggested to rent a car - or share a car between 3-4 participants - so to have freedom and flexibility in moving through the island during free time and for moving to other locations - ie. when we will have Ceremonies and other external activities. We can help participants in sharing prices for renting a car.

Spaces are limited to 14 residential participants.
For more info send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Venue: Casa Solara Ibiza. Located in the countryside surrounded by hills of the north- east side of the island. The house has 5 bedrooms, one Mongolian yourt and one wooden hut. It is less than 10 min drive from Santa Eulalia, one of the main center after Ibiza town, where you can find bars, restaurants, supermarkets, banks, shopping areas and beach.

The Retreat will be facilitated by Veetmaya Sabina Nunes and co- facilitated by Maitri Paola Gradara.

The journey is a structured process, participants are invited to commit in taking part of all sessions, to allow the energy to sink down to the core and then flowing and glowing out of their being.

Veetmaya Sabina Devi

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