“Meditation is witnessing. To meditate means to become a witness. It is not a technique, it’s just witnessing”. Osho


Meditation, any kind of meditation, when it is practiced regularly, can lead to  a progressive state of  mental relaxation, increasing calm, stability and inner harmony, it can expand you consciousness to the point of experiencing your inner self.

Most of the meditation methods I use and propose, belong to the vision of the Indian Master Osho. These are usually divided in 3 or 4 phases, each of them defined with different music. The caratheristic of the Osho meditations is the activity, that means that during at least one of these 4 phases the body will be moving, like dancing, shaking, jumping, breathig fast and else. This makes Osho’s meditations uniqe and different comparing to other classic meditation techniques, when we usually are sitting or still in silence during the whole meditation.  We live in a Western society where life goes faster and faster every day,  so starting from this activation we are used to, it becomes easier to reach our inner calm and stillness.

Meditation techniques are several and each of us can find their own meditation. Other techniques include visualization and imagination, together with breathing.

Le tecniche di meditazione sono diverse e ciascuno di noi può trovare affinità con una tecnica piuttosto che un’altra. Altre tecniche meditative che utilizzo, si basano sulla visualizzazione e l’immaginazione, sempre integrate con la respirazione. Queste possono essere utilizzate per portare calma, pace interiore e rilassamento mentale, e, in un contesto più specifico, per manifestare ed attrarre ciò che desideriamo nella nostra vita.

pulsation mind evolution


Pulsation is a method of self transformation and self growth, created by Aneesha Dillon in the late 70’s. It is a blend of  bio-energetic Breathwork from Wilhelm Reich and the active Meditations created from the indian Master Osho Rajnesh.

All of us have been conditioned from early childood in several ways, such as social, religious, psychological and many of us are not even aware about it. All our significant experiences, positive and negative, are stored in our bodies as memories in the tissues, muscles and cells. Tensions, pain, muscular blocks, physical and emotional numbness are the result from unconsciously holding back the natural flow of bio-energy in the body. What we repress on the emotional level, may come up on a physical level as tension or pain or as a rigid attitude in our caracheter.

With Pulsation and the Breath we learn to feel and recognise these tensions, allowing the energy to flow free through our being. Breathing is the main tool we use to energise the body, to encourage the life force to flow again. Through a deep breathing we can experience and feel our life energy, also knows as Chi, or Prana and called Orgone by Reich.

Taking the time to feel and express our repressed negative feelings, the charge of these emotions can be released as pure energy, allowing a big amount of life energy to flow in our body. These can give very pleasant sensations and a deep sense of aliveness.

Pulsation classes last 2 to 4 hours or one full day or more. In these meetings we use dance, movements, bio-energetic exercises, breath and meditations to awaken our natural vitality and sensitivity and allow life energy to flow.

Individual sessions last about 80 minutes. These can be intgrated in a psycotherapeutic contest.

TantricPTantric Pulsation

Tantric Pulsation is a branch of Pulsation and a method of Tantra that relies on the sensing, feeling, on body movements and breathing. It combines movements and Neo- Reichian breath work with Tantric Meditation techniques, developed by tantric yogis over thousands of years in the East and elaborated by Osho at the end of last century.

Becoming sensitive to the flow of life energy inside ourselves and in others is the beginning of the Tantra Journey.

In Tantric Pulsation we make experience of  our own life energy flow, the awakening of our body’s capacity to feel and enjoy pleasure, starting from our own centre and our heart to meet with another one. It is an opportunity to bring a new sensitivity and awareness, to bring a meditative quality to intimate meetings with the other. It is an exploration of the energetic attraction, of the polarity between masculine and feminine through the senses and through meditation.

Tantric Pulsation teaches a quality of feeling and sensitivity that, in a safe and relaxing environment,  can permeate the present moment with a new,  enjoyable fragrance.  It is a 'space' of love and trust that infuses the body with relaxation, pleasure, and a deep acceptance of what is, here and now.

Tantric Pulsation events usually last 2 to 3 hours otherwise one or two full days. 

It is possible to integrate tantric meditations in therapy with couples and for private sessions with couples.

REIKI ideogrammaReiki

Reiki is a healing method and holistic self healing technique that works on all areas: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. It works on our energetic  blocks that, consciously or unconsciously, could be the cause of an illness or a symptom.
Rei-Ki is a Japanese word, that means Universal Life Energy, the "divine breath" that is present in the essence of life.
The birth of Reiki dates back to the early 1900s, when Japanese Master Mikao Usui, a martial arts practitioner and practicing Buddhist, developed a technique after a 21-day fasting and meditation retreat during which he was enlightened. In fact, Reiki was initially born as a meditative practice, with the purpose to attain absolute inner peace and become a channel, able to transmit the Ki to oneself and others.
When Reiki came to the West it lost this deeper spiritual vision and spread prevalently as an energy therapy used for healing. Mrs. Hawayo Takata, whom brought Reiki to the West, was treated from a deadly disease with Reiki and so spread the powerful therapeutic effect.
From a holistic point of view, illness or disturbance is caused by an imbalance between body, mind, emotion, and spirit. This means that energy has formed a block, deficiency or a lack in the flow of Ki, the vital energy, inside our entire energy structure.
During a Reiki session we transfer the universal energy through our hands and channel the energy to ourselves or to another person. Ki is an Intelligent Energy that knows where to work. It helps to restore a good flow of energy and to stimulate the body's physical and energetic capacity to regenerate and heal and to balance the original equilibrium that was lost with the disease, both energetically and biochemically.
Reiki is a physical, mental and emotional detox technique that releases toxins and removes them completely from the individuals energy field to regenerate the state of well-being and calm that is natural to us.
Reiki has a spiritual nature without being connected to any religion or belief. Anyone can learn it, whether they believe in something or not.
This technique moves through an attunement from the Reiki Master to the student who will in turn have the opportunity to connect and act as a channel for Universal Energy to improve the quality of one's own life and others.

Reiki 2 esperienzaLA MIA ESPERIENZA CON IL REIKI Ho ricevuto l’iniziazione al Primo livello Reiki dalla mia amata Master Rittu, durante il mio primo viaggio in India nel Novembre del 2007. Da quel momento molti cambiamenti sono iniziati ad accadere in me, è iniziata a cambiare la mia consapevolezza nell’approccio alla vita.
Dopo tre settimane ho preso il Secondo livello. In questo livello vengono appresi dei simboli universali che aumentano la potenza del Reiki e che permettono la trasmissione dell’energia anche a distanza.
Praticare il Reiki è stata per me la prima forma di meditazione consapevole. Ha iniziato pian piano a portare la mia mente in uno stato di maggiore calma e senza accorgermene, la mia crescita spirituale è continuata sempre più velocemente, grazie agli avvenimenti, agli incontri, ai luoghi che sono iniziati a capitare nella mia vita.
Sei mesi più tardi, nel Maggio 2008 nel Nord dell’India, sempre dalla stessa insegnante ho ricevuto l’iniziazione al Terzo livello, dove ho imparato alcune tecniche di guarigione di cui in Europa ho sentito parlare raramente. Questo perchè dal filone Reiki di Ushui, si sono poi sviluppate correnti diverse, alcune delle quali suddividono il Reiki in 3 livelli mentre altre in 4 livelli.
Una tecnica in particolare, chiamata Psychic Surgery mi colpì profondamente, sia per la modalità con cui viene svolta, sia per gli effetti immediati di guarigione che può produrre. In seguito, utilizzando questa tecnica insieme ad un sostegno psicoterapeutico, ho potuto riscontrare notevoli e rapide risoluzioni in situazioni di disagio emotivo, psichico e anche fisico.
Nel Novembre del 2009, di nuovo in India dalla mia insegnante, ho poi preso il Quarto livello Master, con il quale, oltre ad imparare ulteriori metodi di guarigione, ho ricevuto la possibilità di passare ad altri e insegnare la pratica di questa splendida e unica tecnica di meditazione e di guarigione.

Hypno ReikiHypno reiki

Hypno-Reiki is a method that combines Hypnosis techniques with Reiki healing that leads to amazing results. 

Hypnosis works with our unconscious mind, the part of our brain that is dorment when we are awake but active when we dream and it controls and influences our life more than we realise.

All our experiences and circumstances, are a reaction of our unconcious mind to our dominant thought and beliefs.

During a hypnosis session the therapist works with  your unconscious mind through affirmations and guided meditations. This makes possible to reprogram some thoughts and mechanisms that are the root to unhealthy behaviours and circumstances that can cause physical symptoms (cysts, kidney stones and gastric problems ect.) as well as emotional symptoms. Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy, it is a holistic healing method that works by releasing physical and emotional blocks from our body and mind, leaving a deep sense of calm and peace. During a Reiki session, the energy flows from the therapist’s hands to the head and  body of the receiver through a light touch, bringing new energy and healing to all body layers – physical, mental and emotional. Reiki is a smart energy, it knows where needs to go to bring healing over your body, even thought you might not be aware about it right in the moment. This energy allows an improvement in physical welbeing  and also an increasing of deep mental relaxation, it reduces stress, anxiety and other negative emotional states of mind.The combination of these two techniques will quiet your mind, detox your brain  and lead to amazing, fast healing results on body, mind and soul.

massage mind evolution5 Elements Lotus Healing

It is a gentle, relaxing and balancing massage for body and soul. 
It moves the energy inside the body  while fully relaxing and detoxing body and mind.
It uses the energy of the 5 Elements. starting with a short body massage (Earth), active breathing (Fire and Air) for a few minutes, a deep guided meditation (Water), Energy healing and Sound (Ether) closing, with crystal bowls.
It lasts about 80 minutes.



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