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My name is Sabina Veetmaya Nunes, I'm a clinical psychologist and holistic psychotherapist, counsellor in sexology, Pulsation Breath-work facilitator and Reiki teacher.
I love working with people to facilitate their process towards healing and well-being, to achieve their own balance and to support the realisation of their potential.
I graduated in Clinical Psychology in 1999 at La Sapienza, University of Rome (enrolled in the Lazio Register of Psychologists since July 2002) and specialised in 2005 at I.S.P., School of Brief Strategic Approach Psychotherapy in Rome. Here, in addition to the basics of Ericksonian Hypnosis, I learnt techniques thanks to which the resolution of a problem, and therefore the duration of a therapy, could be limited to a limited period of time. This certainly depends on what each individual brings with him or her, the time of life they are in, and a number of issues that vary from case to case and cannot be assumed a priori.
During my years of training and specialisation as a psychotherapist, I had experience in the fields of sexology (with internship and training at the I.S.C. in Rome) and addictions, where I also learnt cognitive-behavioural therapy techniques. Both these fields formed the basis of my initial experience.
I have always been very curious and during my years of training and work, in England and Italy, I also enjoyed exploring and experimenting with some alternative therapy techniques. Many of these have greatly expanded my awareness and allowed me to increase the speed of healing and the achievement of goals during a therapeutic journey.
An important transition in my life is marked by my first long trip to India between 2007 and 2008, where I experienced Reiki and the meditation techniques of Master Osho Rajnesh for the first time, spending several months in what was his commune (Ashram) in Poona. These months in India marked the beginning of an important transformation in me, of a journey towards awareness and personal growth that continues to this day - and will always continue - and which led me to experiment with methods of working on myself and with people, with effects that psychotherapy alone had not been able to give me.  
And it is immediately after this period that to my legal name Sabina, I will add Veetmaya, the 'spiritual' name of Osho's 'followers', to constantly remind me and bring me back to the awareness and personal evolution that began to take place during this period.
Through a series of experiences, I have realised more and more vividly that Everything is Energy: everything around us, what is within us, our emotions, our thoughts, our beliefs, what we ourselves are and what we create. And as Albert Einstein stated, 'Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only change from one form to another'. Thus, by increasing our self-awareness, starting from an inner path of healing, we can choose to be the creators of our existence, learning to 'use' energy to direct our lives where and how we wish.

Back in Europe, at the end of 2008 I decided to train with Aneesha Dilllon, the founder of OshoPulsation, in this transformational technique and Bioenergetic breathing for the release of emotions. The experience I had had in India, in a group workshop, had touched me on such a deep level that my mind could neither understand nor recount, but inside me something important had been unlocked.
I completed the Advanced Training in Pulsation in August 2009 and have since assisted my teacher Aneesha in her groups and Trainings for three years, refining the practice of this work that has been so important to me. Pulsation is based on the bioenergetic work of Wilhelm Raich, a disciple of Freud, who was the first to bring the body in psychotherapy, not just the mind and it uses the breath as the bridge between the conscious and unconscious mind, to unlock emotions that we have unconsciously repressed and held in our bodies, sometimes for a very long time, even a lifetime.

Esther and Abraham Hicks' books on the "Law of Attraction", in those years began to fascinate me more and more, reminding me that we ourselves are the creators and responsible for our own destiny, both when everything flows according to our desires and when unfortunately everything goes in another direction.
I was not going through a period where I was happy because of difficult personal situations, but I was determined to change my feeling and direct my life towards happiness.
Since meditation and visualisation techniques had helped me through tougher times in the past, I decided to study the unconscious in more depth to better understand how it affects our actions, our choices and how the unconscious unconsciously directs a large part of our lives.
So, between 2014 and 2016, I completed a Training Course in Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy at the ICCHP in London, which gave me very important tools to work with the unconscious mind.
I like to call myself a 'holistic and intuitive' psychotherapist because I incorporate techniques to work on various levels - Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit - and generally combine what I feel is most appropriate depending on the person I am dealing with and their current situation.
What I want and what I love to do is to support people on the path to wellbeing, towards balance, towards feeling one's own totality, to learn how to abandon unconscious limitations and conditioning, learned early in life and therefore becoming automatic, which take us away from contact with our true essence, respecting the modalities and times that reflect the uniqueness of each of us.

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