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My name is Veetmaya Sabina, I am an intuitive holistic psychotherapist and my purpose is to bring light, well-being and awareness to  your path of life. 

After years of studing and working as a psychoterapist, given my curiosity about new topics, I had the opportunity to be in touch with a variety of alternative healing techniques, that are called holistic. These have extremely improved the speed of healing and the time for reaching goals during a therapy.

An important step in my life was marked by my first long trip to India, between 2007 and 2008. Here, for the first time I experienced Reiki Healing Sessions and Meditations from the Master Osho Rajnesh, by spending time in what was his Asharam, in Pune.

These months in India were the beginning of deep transformation inside, a path to awareness and personal growth, that will continue, and led me to explore new methods to work with people and on myself with results ordinary psychotherapy could not to give me.

This was when I added Veetmaya to my legal name Sabina,  to remind me of the shift that started at that time.

I realised more and more that Everything is Energy, all around us, inside us, our thoughts, our emotions, what we are and whatever we create. And as Ensitein said “ Energy cannot be created or distroyed, it can only be changed from one form to another one”.

I am an “intuitive” holistic therapist as my work includes several  healing techniques to work with an individual on different levels  - Mind, Body, Emotions and Spirit – and I combine what I feel to be more appropriate, depending on the person and their current situation in life.

My aim is to bring light, healing and awareness to our shaded areas by supporting the healing process on a psychological, emotional, physical and spiritual level.

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03 March 2019
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