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Maitri teaches Anukalana yoga and Pulsation breath-work in the Tuscan hills in Italy and is currently one of the teachers of the OshoPulsation Training in Italy. Passionate researcher, she experiments in her path techniques including Pulsation, yoga, taichi, which will increase her passion in understanding the relationship between the body, emotional experiences and the free expression of human vital energy.

Passionate about meditation, she has been practicing for over 25 years in her daily life Osho's active meditation techniques, which she considers to be tools for integration and support in the personal growth process. The Primal deconditioning pathways have radically changed his approach to life and are part of her work.

She loves to share her passions to support people in finding a good relationship with their bodies, in the expression of their vitality and their truth.

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03 March 2019
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