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Pulsation is a method of self transformation and self growth, created by Aneesha Dillon in the late 70’s. It is a blend of  bio-energetic Breathwork from Wilhelm Reich and the active Meditations created from the indian Master Osho Rajnesh.

All of us have been conditioned from early childood in several ways, such as social, religious, psychological and many of us are not even aware about it. All our significant experiences, positive and negative, are stored in our bodies as memories in the tissues, muscles and cells. Tensions, pain, muscular blocks, physical and emotional numbness are the result from unconsciously holding back the natural flow of bio-energy in the body. What we repress on the emotional level, may come up on a physical level as tension or pain or as a rigid attitude in our caracheter.

With Pulsation and the Breath we learn to feel and recognise these tensions, allowing the energy to flow free through our being. Breathing is the main tool we use to energise the body, to encourage the life force to flow again. Through a deep breathing we can experience and feel our life energy, also knows as Chi, or Prana and called Orgone by Reich.

Taking the time to feel and express our repressed negative feelings, the charge of these emotions can be released as pure energy, allowing a big amount of life energy to flow in our body. These can give very pleasant sensations and a deep sense of aliveness.

Pulsation classes last 2 to 4 hours or one full day or more. In these meetings we use dance, movements, bio-energetic exercises, breath and meditations to awaken our natural vitality and sensitivity and allow life energy to flow.

Individual sessions last about 80 minutes. These can be intgrated in a psycotherapeutic contest.

TantricPTantric Beat

Tantric Beat is a branch of Pulsation and a method of Tantra that relies on the sensing, feeling, on body movements and breathing. It combines movements and Neo- Reichian breath work with Tantric Meditation techniques, developed by tantric yogis over thousands of years in the East and elaborated by Osho at the end of last century.

Becoming sensitive to the flow of life energy inside ourselves and in others is the beginning of the Tantra Journey.

In Tantric Pulsation we make experience of  our own life energy flow, the awakening of our body’s capacity to feel and enjoy pleasure, starting from our own centre and our heart to meet with another one. It is an opportunity to bring a new sensitivity and awareness, to bring a meditative quality to intimate meetings with the other. It is an exploration of the energetic attraction, of the polarity between masculine and feminine through the senses and through meditation.

Tantric Pulsation teaches a quality of feeling and sensitivity that, in a safe and relaxing environment,  can permeate the present moment with a new,  enjoyable fragrance.  It is a 'space' of love and trust that infuses the body with relaxation, pleasure, and a deep acceptance of what is, here and now.

Tantric Pulsation events usually last 2 to 3 hours otherwise one or two full days. 

It is possible to integrate tantric meditations in therapy with couples and for private sessions with couples.

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