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Hypno-Reiki is a method that combines Hypnosis techniques with Reiki healing that leads to amazing results. 

Hypnosis works with our unconscious mind, the part of our brain that is dorment when we are awake but active when we dream and it controls and influences our life more than we realise.

All our experiences and circumstances, are a reaction of our unconcious mind to our dominant thought and beliefs.

During a hypnosis session the therapist works with  your unconscious mind through affirmations and guided meditations. This makes possible to reprogram some thoughts and mechanisms that are the root to unhealthy behaviours and circumstances that can cause physical symptoms (cysts, kidney stones and gastric problems ect.) as well as emotional symptoms. Reiki is a Japanese word that means Universal Life Energy, it is a holistic healing method that works by releasing physical and emotional blocks from our body and mind, leaving a deep sense of calm and peace. During a Reiki session, the energy flows from the therapist’s hands to the head and  body of the receiver through a light touch, bringing new energy and healing to all body layers – physical, mental and emotional. Reiki is a smart energy, it knows where needs to go to bring healing over your body, even thought you might not be aware about it right in the moment. This energy allows an improvement in physical welbeing  and also an increasing of deep mental relaxation, it reduces stress, anxiety and other negative emotional states of mind.The combination of these two techniques will quiet your mind, detox your brain  and lead to amazing, fast healing results on body, mind and soul.

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03 March 2019
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